Travel Thursday – The Redwoods

Let me start off by saying this post does not contain amazing photographs of the Redwoods.  I wish it did but alas our time in the Redwoods of California was short.  Very short, as in less than 2 hours and most of that was driving through. Our time was cut short due to the lack of camping available within and around the park. We were passing through in hopes of a campsite somewhere along the Oregon coast.

Despite our short stay we were able to get out and stretch our legs along a path littered with these beautiful giants.  As much as I love trees (I often refer to myself as “the tree hugging chick”) it is my goal to make the trek back someday and spend some quality time with the beautiful trees.  For now I will remain satisfied that I at least had the opportunity to see a small part of this park.

July 27, 2014 Redwood

Driving among the giants

July 27, 2014_Redwoods

July 27, 2014_Redwoods

July 27, 2014_Redwoods

July 27, 2014_Redwoods

July 27, 2014 Redwoods

July 27, 2014_Redwoods

This particular trail led to “Big Tree”.  Impressive to say the least!

July 27, 2014_Big Tree

My wide-angle could not possibly capture the entire tree.  Pictured above is a small portion of this massive giant.

Height 304 feet (92.6 meters), diameter 21.6 feet (6.6 meters), circumference 68 feet (20 meters),

estimated age 1500 years.

July 27, 2014_Big Tree

A bit more of the tree is visible, still plenty out of the range of my camera.

July 27, 2014_Big Tree

A photo of me with Big Tree to give some perspective.  My arms are falling short in the tree hugging department.  🙂

July 27, 2014_Big TreeShane with Big Tree.

July 27, 2014_Big Tree

An upward shot of Big Tree.

July 27, 2014_Redwoods

Notice the person in purple in this photo (He is hard to spot along the path).  I wish I had taken more perspective shots while visiting, instead I was busy enjoying the scenery.

July 27, 2014_Redwoods

July 27, 2014_Redwoods

A word of advice, if you ever have the chance to visit this beautiful park allow ample time to spend among the forest.

Until we meet again.

July 27, 2014_untitled_1979

3 responses to “Travel Thursday – The Redwoods”

  1. Those trees are just massive! You really do need something in the photo for perspective. We were due to go to those forests a few years back but had to cancel our trip. I hope to make it there someday. Lovely shots!

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