Travel Thursday – The Oregon Coast

Travel Thursday – The Oregon Coast

I have to say the Oregon Coast surprised me.  Here in the US you rarely hear about this state.  However, the coast of Oregon is absolutely beautiful.

July 27, 2014_Oregon Coast

We headed up along the 101 to enjoy the scenic coast line.  Here the temperature was much cooler due to the proximity to the coast.  Once you headed inland the temperature rose dramatically.  (As we found out when we headed to Portland on our way to Washington state.)  The coast was very dramatic with twists and turns and many rocky cliffs below.

July 27, 2014_Oregon Coast

Rock cliffs separate the road and you from the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

In my book, Oregon is one of the country’s best kept secrets.  Next trip through we will have to spend some time inland to enjoy more of the natural beauty this state has to offer.  My only regret is wishing we had more time here.

July 27, 2014_Oregon Coast

July 27, 2014_Oregon Coast

Two viewpoints of the same huge rock in the Pacific Ocean at sunset.

July 27, 2014_Oregon Coast

This would be our last days along the coast and I wanted to make it count.  I was on the lookout for ocean side camping. Lucky for us we found it at Tillicum State Park, approximately half way up the Oregon Coast.  When we arrived that afternoon there were about 5 camping spots left, 3 of which were next to the beach.  Despite the cold wind blowing in from the Pacific, I insisted on a beach side spot.

July 28, 2014_Tillicum SP

Our campsite at Tillicum State Park.  Although it’s hard to see here there is quite the drop off to the ocean behind those trees.

July 28, 2014 Oregon Coast

This small path led to a fence, protecting the visitor from sudden death or at the very least broken bones. if you fell from this height.

July 29, 2014_Tillicum SP

Our direct access to the ocean.  Our campsite is to the left in this photo.

This site was perfect with the beautiful view of the coast and there is nothing like falling asleep to ocean waves crashing onshore.  Our stay was short but left an impression nonetheless.

July 29, 2014_Tillicum SP

A foggy start to the day

July 29, 2014_Tillicum SP

 July 29, 2014_Oregon Coast

Clear view of the ocean as the fog receded.

Oregon is truly a state worth seeing.  With unmatched beauty at every turn you will miss the 101 when you finally have to leave it behind.

7 responses to “Travel Thursday – The Oregon Coast”

  1. I love your visual tours from these parts of the country that I’ve never seen. You really capture such beauty and leave me with a desire to explore! Always looking forward to your next post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Kitty! I love sharing the beauty of the places we traveled to. There is so much to see on this beautiful planet and plenty in our own country. Let the exploration begin! 🙂


  2. It looks absolutely gorgeous – like the west coast of Ireland only with better weather! The US really does have so much variety to offer. I would just love to jump in our camper and spend a few months travelling round exploring. Some day, maybe…

    Liked by 1 person

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