Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh

When you cannot make a choice of which picture to post, I say go with both.  Which is your favorite?April 02, 2012_Fern frond unfolding A fern frond unfolding on the forest floor of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. ~ April 2012~

April 10, 2013_Spring tulipA spring tulip in our backyard.  ~April 2013~

7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh”

  1. I also like the fern. I’ve never been that smitten by flowers. I love how ferns curl and uncurl with the changing hours. The remind me of misspent youth running wild on the hillside near our house. Beautifully captured.

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    • Thanks June. I am wondering why I decided to include the flower, when the fern was my first choice. Must have been the mood I was in. I love your description of what they remind you of. Very true.

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