Changing Seasons – March

March has been unusually warm at times.  Spring is here!

We spent an afternoon on our neighbor’s lake enjoying the warm weather.  Josie went for her first boat ride & played with his dogs + a wolf (all through a fence).

During one of our hikes, Josie chased a raccoon up a tree.  He was happy when we left.

Our spring peeper frogs have become tadpoles and every day something new sprouts.  The forest is becoming greener each day.  Lastly, we built our first garden box .  I am looking forward to growing vegetables for the first time.  Wish us luck!

To view a larger version, click on a photo below.

From left to right, starting at the top: our first garden box, weeping willow branch, Josie’s first boat ride, view of the lake from the boat, our neighbor’s wolf, his other 3 canine friends, the wetlands of our property, one of our paths in March, spring field with beautiful blue skies, raccoon up a tree, spring peepers, spring thorn, our squiggly trees, and spring buds.

Happy Spring!!