Changing Seasons – April

April has been the most dramatic in terms of changes in our forest.  It has been amazing to watch new life spring up.  I always love watching the trees go from bare to buds to full leaves.  With this beautiful spring transformation, I am breaking the “rules” by sharing more than 20 photos.  Some I had to include just to show the difference a couple of weeks can make.  This has been my favorite month so far for this challenge.  Click on any photo to view a larger version.

Spring flowers, an assortment of small plants, small buds, young ferns and my first morel find of the season!

Our beautiful trees at various stages of spring.

A selection of photos taken in roughly the same place at different times during the month of April.  From top to bottom & left to right:  gas pipeline, our tadpoles, a path to our forest, a small creek.

A few more photos throughout the month.

Lastly, the most dramatic change, the two photos above were taken 10 days apart.  Things are certainly green around here and I love it!

Thanks for checking out my photos for April.