Weekly Photo Challenge – Admiration

This week’s challenge was easy for me.  One person instantly came to mind & lucky for me I managed to find a photo of her, by herself.

You see my grandmother (mamaw as I refer to her), does not like to have her photo taken. Normally, when my camera is pointed in her direction, she will grab the closest person and tell them to pretend they are talking.  After looking through my archives I found this one of her.

my grandmother

On April 30, 2016, mamaw turned 87 years old.  However, do not let the number fool you.  This lady does not look or act her age.  She continues to volunteer twice a week at the local nursing home.  She lives by herself, where she does her own shopping, driving, banking, and tends to her beautiful flower gardens.

Born in 1929, she lived through the Great Depression.  As a child, growing up in rural Indiana, she lived without running water and cars.  In her day, if you wanted water you carried it up from the spring down the hill.  If you needed something from town, you walked.  “Life was simple back then”, she often says.  I have to agree.

She birthed 4 children in 6 years, helped my grandfather on the farm, has countless volunteer hours under her belt and played a big part in my childhood.

To this day, I never tire of her stories.  I admire the woman she is and all she has done.  I could write a book about this amazing woman, but I will save it for another day.