“The End of Eddy” by Edouard Louis

Although an important book surrounding a young gay boy growing up in a poor working class part of France, this was not one of my favorites. The issues that young Eddy dealt with on a daily basis brought to light this problem across the world. This unacceptance of anyone different than ourselves. The book is influenced by the author’s life and while I enjoyed some of it I was hoping for a bit more development of the character after high school and beyond. At 192 pages it is a short novel, mostly about Eddy’s childhood.

Toward the end, the novel does have some graphic depictions. A fair warning to those who may not like that sort of thing.

Overall, I believe this is an important topic that we should be conversing about. This is not a bad novel by any stretch, I personally found it to be a decent novel with an expectation of more development.