“The Future of Humanity”

“The Future of Humanity”


The Future of Humanity Book

“The Future of Humanity” Michio Kaku

Nonfiction, 307 pages.

Hands down this is one of the best books I have read.  Keep in mind I love anything space related.  Currently, I am watching old episodes of Star Trek.  I love the possibilities of future space travel.  This book outlines those possibilities and how we may one day reach them.

This book was both fascinating and mind blowing.  As I finished each chapter, I could not wait to read the next to discover what may await humanity.

The author writes in an easy-to-understand language.  At times it reads like a novel drawing you in to the future of us.  The author not only covers our immediate future, such as a trip to Mars but he also takes the reader deep into the future.  Where one day humanity may have to leave this universe.

I enjoyed how he explained each possibility along with the pitfalls and problems we may encounter.  He also offers solutions to those problems.  It’s a book full of a hopeful future for humanity.  As we take our sights and dreams to the stars, the prospects are endless.  If we as a unified species can make intelligent decisions there is the potential to evolve into a greater version of ourselves.


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