2018 Recap

This spring I started a blog for my writing.  After contributing to my photo blog for several years and continuing to do so, I wanted a space for my new endeavor.  On May 16 I published my first post here.

It was a frightening thing to do.  For me this was a step out of my comfort zone.  Writing is a part of my life yet I have shared little along the way.

Taking the step to start this blog filled me with gratitude.  Starting is the hardest step.  The blog evolved into a writing space, quotes, and some pictures along the way.  I am unsure where it will go in 2019 but I know I will continue on with it.  It serves as a wonderful creative outlet.

Since starting this new blog, I have written 8 posts.  Posted 12 quotes from various writers, posted photos, and included a few statuses.

A huge thank you to all of my followers and everyone who has read and/or liked my posts.  It does not go unnoticed.  Thank you!

I look forward to sharing more of my writing in 2019.