A Morning at Coxhall Gardens

With a chill in the air, I met up with this lovely family at Coxhall Gardens.  Mid October is unpredictable when it comes to weather.  This morning everyone felt the cool fall weather.

This was our fourth session together.  I could not believe how much little Gavin grew from last year.  I still remember our first session when Rowan was a baby.  Amazing, how time flies by.

The session started out a bit rocky due to the cold.  Rowan did not want to take off her jacket.  I can’t say I blamed her.  Once we moved to a sunny spot all was well.  Rowan’s fun personality came out.  Using various rocks and sticks, we attempted to hold Gavin’s attention for some photos.

It’s always fun to photograph a family multiple years in a row.  I love getting to know the kids and their little (big) personalities.

By the time we finished up the session we all were warmed up.  The day turned out to be rather nice.  I was able to capture several shots before the kids wore out.

All in all the session was a success.  I look forward to working with Chris, Jessica, Rowan, and Gavin in the future.