Week 3 & 4 Photography Challenge: B&W + Warmth

With the weeks running together, I managed to get behind on my 52-week photography challenge.  To get back on track this week I am including both weeks in this post.

Week 3:  Inspiration:  Black and White

“Your inspiration this week is to simply take an amazing Black and White photograph of any subject you want.”

week 3- b&w

It’s far from amazing, but here is my Black and White photo.

Week 4: Story Telling:  Warmth

“Tell a story that makes us feel warm inside. ”

week 4- warmth

Envision a cozy fire drenching a small cabin with warmth.  While a tea kettle sounds her alarm atop the stove.  Hints of floral cross your lips as hot tea is gently sipped while curled up on the couch close by.