In March of 2011, I ventured outside of my comfort zone to create a blog. Back then it was a photo blog as I had just started in the realm of photography. Today my site evolves with my life’s path.

Read on to learn more about me.

Who Am I (in a nutshell)?

Now that’s a loaded question but one I will try to answer as succinctly as possible. Which is hard for me because I’m quite the talker, in this case writer.

I’m a fun loving, free spirited person known in the blogging world as “F-stopmama”. That’s a nickname I came up with many years ago while diving into the photography world and it stuck.

In May of 2014, I stepped out of my comfort zone again. I left behind my research lab job to pursue family and wedding photography. Best decision I’ve made, although it’s taken time and patience and learning to live without some things. I absolutely love photographing families and watching them grow and change over the years. It is truly a wonderful feeling.

But in August of 2019 I decided I needed to pursue an additional path. That lead me to a yoga teacher certification. As a practitioner of yoga for many years, becoming a teacher was the next natural step. My passion for yoga is obvious with how much I love talking about it. The practice of yoga changed my life in many ways and I wish to share that with all of you. In 2020 I ventured outside my comfort zone once again to try out video. Something I never thought I would try, much less enjoy. I have found it to be fun, rewarding and scary all at the same time. Today I offer a variety of online yoga classes for the beginner level student or those who are coming back to the practice after some time away.

Then on April 1, 2021 Shane (my wonderful partner in life) and I jumped into the deep end of the pool by completely uprooting our lives and becoming nomads. A change in our circumstances led us to think outside of the box and the idea of full time RV living and working on the road was born. Thus far we love it and have not looked back! Check out my blog for more information and to follow our adventures.

Things I Love

That list is ever growing and changing as I try new things and find new loves. They include being in nature, yoga, meditation, photography, writing, cooking, sipping on wine, hiking, kayaking, animals, teaching yoga, reading, and exploring new places.

My Personal Side

I live with my life partner, Shane. We are happily NOT married (14 years together 2021). We have a beautiful, sweet, and loving, rescue dog named Josie. She is a 7 year-old Boxer (as of July 2021) who teaches us everyday the meaning of life and love. Much to her chagrin she often finds herself the subject of my camera while hiking. I have many photos of her looking the other way, she does it to spite me.

What I Hope to Do

My ultimate goal is to be a positive influence in our world. By teaching & sharing the practice of yoga and through my photography, writing and our experiences on the road. I wish to be a wonderful soul living this human life the best way I know how.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my small corner of the vast internet. Join me on this journey as we discover new waters together.

A Few Photos Capturing My Personality

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness”

14th Dalai Lama

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