Week 45 & 46: Musical & 7 Deadly Sins

Week 45 & 46:  Musical & 7 Deadly Sins

From the 52-week photography challenge. Week 45:  Musical Inspiration: Musical "Music is part of the soul, so let it inspire you this week." This tiny drumset sits atop one of our shelves.  I'm not the drummer in the family, that's Shane.  Actually, when it comes to musical talent, I'm best listening to it or singing [...]

Week 2: Composition “Rule of Thirds: Motion”

Week 2:  Composition “Rule of Thirds: Motion”

This past weekend we received a nice blanket of snow.  Everything was quiet and still covered in this cold yet beautiful layer.  For this week's challenge we were asked to show motion using the rule of thirds. Besides some small birds flitting about this small creek was about the only thing in motion.  It was [...]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour Guide

Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour Guide

What do I love about where I live?  Peaceful surroundings.  Hikes with our lovely dog.  Fresh wild berries in the summer.  Watching spring explode before our very eyes  Listening to barred owls talk to one another.  Photographing the snow-covered forest.  Living in nature & much more! Pictured above are just a few images of this wonderful [...]