My NaNoWriMo Experience

The Final Tally With 16 short chapters, 17,316 words, and 13 days of writing NaNoWriMo is officially over.  This does not mean I‘m finished with my novel.  It means the monthly challenge is over and I am relieved. Thoughts about the challenge. I enjoyed taking part in the challenge.  This was my first year, and [...]

The Flow of Life

After a meditation session on flow, I have been thinking about flow.  They based the meditation on visualizing a river flowing. This river flowed in a circular pattern.  With no beginning and no end, it depicted our lives. We have two choices.  Fight against the current, which represents challenges in our life, or lay back [...]

Chasing Contentment

Contentment, defined as “a state of happiness and satisfaction”, according to an online dictionary.  It appears simple to achieve. For those living in middle and upper-class America or even abroad, most should feel content with their lives.  Yet many are not. They strive for an elusive future. Looking back at earlier points in my life, [...]

My Writing Corner

What started out as a fun project in the woods has become more.  Previously, we set an area aside for camping. Later deciding to build a small structure, what I like to call "The Shanty". Reusing lumber, sheet metal, and pallets procured from various places, limiting our need to buy new materials.  We purchased the base supports [...]