Short on Time?

These sessions are short and have a specific focus. Everything showcased here is 20 minutes or less, perfect for your busy lifestyle. Explore and try out a few classes . See how you feel after giving yourself the gift of yoga, even if only for a few minutes. I always say 10 minutes is better than no minutes.

Morning Yoga Session (20 minutes)
Hamstring Sequence (14 minutes)

Workplace Yoga (12 minutes)

Shoulder Sequence (14 minutes)
Grounding Class – great for travel (16 minutes)

Rest & Digest (16 minutes)

Vinyasa Flow (16 minutes)

Hatha Class (15 minutes)
Yin Class (17 minutes)

Restorative Class (15 minutes)

End of Year Practice (17 minutes)
Neck + Shoulders (13 minutes)
Spine + Side Body (11 minutes)

Hips + Pelvis (11 minutes)
Legs + Feet (11 minutes)
Short Morning Class (16 minutes)

Short Sleep Class (15 minutes)

Short After Work Class (15 minutes)

Short Anytime Class (12 minutes)

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